We created this business solely based on faith and love. We both left our full time careers to finally live out our purpose in life which is to work with dogs and love on them the way they deserve to be loved and respected.

We offer a broad range of services including breeding, dog training, boarding, wellness program and product sales in a safe and clean facility catered to medium and large breeds. Our mission is to share and educate people about dog behavior, the misconception of aggression vs lack of leadership, their role in the pack and what the dog is looking for.

We do this with our transformative powers to communicate and engage with dogs and their ability to receive and act on first command.

In addition, we take pride in our breeding program and the type of dogs we use to develop our look and bloodline. We breed for specific traits we look to strengthen in our lines such as health, correct and clean hips and joints, temperament, functionality, a healthy drive and structure.   

Biggest part about what we do at ADZK9s is customer service experience. From the initial contact whether it be training, boarding to purchasing one of our puppies. The level of consistency with service is like no other. Both our training and puppy purchase come with a guarantee and backed by our award winning customer service! 

Our hearts have led us to share this knowledge and gift by building a community and extending our vision with our business partners at FDT (For Dog Trainers) Making them one of the largest dog training gear company in the world. 

Our online store is catered to serve all  breeds and features our favorite gear and gear we use on a daily basis for our dogs and our training program.

We are grateful in every aspect of running this business with the utmost integrity in ensuring a worry free experience for both you and your dog.


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ADZ K9s offers a variety of training solutions to those who are ready to make a commitment in improving the way they live with their dogs. This includes behavioral solutions, obedience, protection work and off-leash training. We believe it’s important to incorporate these types of training into your lifestyle through positive reinforcements. Bridging the gap between you and your dog will not only give you the opportunity to bond with them, you will truly enjoy and love them even more. With over 13 years of training experience, Doron Zohar of ADZ-K9s has worked with just about every kind of breed and every type of owner. So, no matter the breed, no matter the condition we can do this together.

What is relevant and practical training?

Dog training has come a long way over the years and relevant/practical is our method to ensure your dog excels and gets the most out of the training. So lets break it down and understand what is the difference between relevant and practical training.


We understand we need to train our dogs based on the lifestyle we want to live. With each training method we need to take both the breed and the owner into consideration. We recognize keeping your dog in a crate or in kennels all day will only lead to built up energy. The dog will require a program to stimulate its mind and cater to their breed’s needs. With small dogs it is very easy to overexert them when presented by a mental stimulation versus a physical stimulation. We are talking about exhausting the dog to a point where “a tired dog is a happy dog”. With big dogs that naturally enjoy using their mouth for tug work and play; this method is not as effective nor will you get them to stay focused long enough to tire them out.


We often get a client who want to train their dog to do things as seen on television by a very different dog than they own. For Yorkie owners, heavy obedience and/or protection work may not be the best training program. Understanding the breed and the type of energy level your dog has will eliminate the guessing game. For example, we had two American Bullies who could not be more different in their energy level. Taqa has a low to medium drive and Veyo has a medium to high drive. By recognizing this from an early stage, we were able to develop an effective type of training which resulted in finding a reward system that works best for their energy level. Part of the practical aspect will be using the most suitable release system. For high drive dogs who train obedience and/or protection, we introduce playing with a tug as soon as possible. This encourages the dog to process the commands and perform as fast as they possibly can so they can get rewarded and play. For low drive dogs the treat and affection reward system is best, love and affection never fails!

If you have a dog that is fearful of people, sounds and moving objects it is important that we tackle that as soon as you build trust. We then expose them to anything that makes them tick. It is vital that we consider fear and aggression as the same issue. Dogs that have bitten people are often mistaken with aggression, which is incorrect. Most dog attacks happen from a place of fear.

Through practical training we can modify this behavior and enjoy a balanced dog that is focused on the owner and have the confidence in taking him/her everywhere!

Everyday Mannerism

Our training promotes a calm and balance dog, no matter what type of distractions they are faced with


We would love to hear from you! Send us an e mail to info@adzk9s.com or simply fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.