Canine CBD

We are proud to present the very first USDA, GMP and FDA registered CBD oil for canines!

 ADZK9S has spent the last three years researching products that will help our dogs stay calm during moments of anxiety attacks, faster recovery and  provide a boost of energy for the working dogs

Finding the right company that would be able to provide a qualified and certified solution wouldn’t be possible without Haleigh’s Hope! This incredible company has saved lives with their knowledge thanks to the many ways CBD with THC can be used and modified to produce different natural results, and now we’ve teamed up to deliver the same success for canines!

What we came up with is the perfect solution for dogs of all ages, breed and size. No longer do you need to wait three- five days to see a difference. Give your dog the fast acting results it deserves and needs to live a better, healthier and more active lifestyle with our ADZK9S CBD for canines!