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We are proud to present the very first USDA, GMP and FDA registered CBD oil for canines!



We designed the ADZK9S CBD to provide a better lifestyle for our dogs. We have both working dogs and pets that needed two different solutions. For the working dog, we designed a performance line. This CBD provides sustained energy, recovery, joint relief, attention /focus and overall performs wonders for older dogs with arthritis!

For our pets who needed assistance during storms, loud environments, anxiety, uncontrolled energy or even just a day at the groomers. Our Relaxer line will provide a sense of relief you’ve been looking for.

Our all natural CBD oils were formulated by a veterinarian and proofed by hundreds of success stories all across the country!

Finding the right company that would be able to provide a qualified and certified solution wouldn’t be possible without Haleigh’s Hope! This incredible company has saved lives with their knowledge thanks to the many ways CBD with THC can be used and modified to produce different natural results, and now we’ve teamed up to deliver the same success for canines!

Our CBD is a perfect solution for dogs of all ages, breed and size. No longer do you need to wait three- five days to see a difference. Give your dog the fast acting results it deserves and needs to live a better, healthier and more active lifestyle thats to the first of its kind ADZK9S CBD for canines!


8 reviews for CANINE CBD

  1. Tommy Hudson

    Super products will refer all my friends

  2. Karl Grant

    Winston is our 13 year old, 90 pound Labradoodle. Winston has always been very active and loved to romp, but he had slowed down due to age related atrophy and arthritis. Winston was on 150mg of Rimadyl daily and 50mg of Tramadol usually daily.
    Within 30 days of taking a dropper a day of ADZ K9S Advamced Solution CBD,, Winston was off Rimadyl and Tramadol completely. Winston has now been on the ADZ CBD for about 6 months and is back jumping on the bed, doing stairs, and back to romping with the pack and is 100% med free.
    Thanks you so much Doron for bringing us this for Winston and letting him get back to a better life.

  3. Courtney Hicks

    I can’t say enough about this product! Luke (8 year old staffordshire terrier/malamute mix) and Vader (10 year old Rottweiler/collie mix) both take this daily. They have both had knee surgery in the past, and are no longer stiff or limping when they initially get up. Luke had an accident a few weeks ago and slipped and fell down the stairs-about 14 of them. The vet did all kinds of X-rays and gave him an anti inflammatory for pain, but he hasn’t really needed it, and I can only assume that is because of ADZ canine CBD oil! He runs and plays like nothing happened. Both dogs run around the yard like they are puppies and I couldn’t be more pleased.

  4. Steven Vigo

    Outstanding Product!! I administer dose to my k9 protection dog before we train. And the focus and drive is out of this world. Product is also great for his recovery after a long training session. Highly highly recommend.

  5. Matt

    Excellent product that has really worked with my dog (7 years old) that had seizures!!! She’s been fantastic since we started her on this. Not one seizure……and acts like she’s 2 again!!! Thank you all so much!!!

  6. Robert Mason

    We have been buying CBD oil for our Pups though these guys, and we are extremely pleased with the deliverance and product itself. We are looking to have our German Shepherd trained by them as well. Outstanding company.

  7. Jessica

    I can’t say enough how amazing the product is! I have a 12.5 year old pit bull with glaucoma who has slowed down immensely these past few months due to old age. Three weeks into this product and he is running again, jumping up in the bed and back to chasing my horses. He has more energy and overall just a happier more comfortable dog! This CBD was a game changer for us! I highly recommend it!

  8. Audrey & Robert Morrison

    We were giving our little Boston, Roscoe, a glucosamine supplement and another brand of CBD for his weak hips that were giving him just enough relief for every day movements… but almost as soon as he lapped up ADZK9’s CBD he was running around the house bouncing like a pogo-stick. Roscoe’s mood and playfulness has spunked up like a different dog – it is amazing to see. We also give it to our larger dog, Kaiya, and it has mellowed her anxiety incredibly without giving her that dopey grogginess. Highly recommended!!!!

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